Replacing email envelope

Jon jon.sp2 at
Fri Nov 23 20:36:17 EET 2018


Could anyone please advice here?


On 20.11.2018 23.51, jon.sp2 at wrote:

>>> Hi,
>>> Could you please advice how I can replace envelope of a message 
>>> received on my server? Best would be using sieve.
>>> Simple case - email A at <mailto:A at> receives 
>>> message, which I'd like to repack into new envelope (I want to have 
>>> control what values in the envelope will be there - from, to, 
>>> replay-to et.c) and send to B at <mailto:B at>.
>>> At first I wanted to use editheader extension, but it is not 
>>> allowing me to modify From or To values as far as I can tell. 
>>> Another idea was to use envelope, but I don't see any way of editing 
>>> values. Only reading.
>>> Now, I am thinking of writing script and from sieve it will be 
>>> passed there, where I'll do message parsing and send new message 
>>> using mutt or something similar. Frankly speaking I suppose there is 
>>> much better solution to that and I'd appreciate any advice on the 
>>> topic.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jon
>> sieve redirect could maybe do this?
>> Aki
> From what I read redirect can only redirect message and doesn't give 
> me any control over envelope that message will be in. So I am only 
> able to use some global settings and not per message. Is that correct? 
> Or can I modify it somehow?
> Jon

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