Installing on Mojave, with Homebrew and mysql

James Brown jlbrown at
Sun Nov 25 14:43:03 EET 2018

I’m using Homebrew to install Dovecot on Mojave, but have to modify the formula to add ‘--with-mysql’.

Unfortunately compiling always fails with:

checking for mysql_config... NO
checking for mysql_init in -lmysqlclient... no
configure: error: Can't build with MySQL support: libmysqlclient not found

I added:

 ENV['LD']="-L/usr/local/opt/mysql at 5.7/lib"

to the ‘def install’ section of the formula, but it still fails.

config.log shows:

LD='-L/usr/local/opt/mysql at 5.7/lib/'

And mysqlclient is here:

$ locate mysqlclient
/usr/local/Cellar/mysql at 5.7/5.7.24/lib/libmysqlclient.20.dylib
/usr/local/Cellar/mysql at 5.7/5.7.24/lib/libmysqlclient.a
/usr/local/Cellar/mysql at 5.7/5.7.24/lib/libmysqlclient.dylib
/usr/local/Cellar/mysql at 5.7/5.7.24/lib/pkgconfig/mysqlclient.pc

I changed the formula to:

 ENV['LD']="-L/usr/local/Cellar/mysql at 5.7/5.7.24/lib/“

And still get the same thing.

Any suggestions?


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