LDAP login fails after LDAP server restart

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Sun Nov 25 23:40:54 EET 2018

On 25-11-2018 kl. 22:07:27 EET A. Schulze wrote:
> Am 25.11.18 um 14:27 schrieb Dag Nygren:
> > Just udated my Fedora dovecot to version 2.2.36 and
> > found that after the update dovecot will fail all
> > LDAP logins after slapd has been restarted during the logrotate.
> > 
> > Restarting dovecot fixes the problem.
> must be something special on your local side.
> usually I restart my ldap server without any side effects.
> dovecot (the ldap library under the hood) simply reconnect here.


That is how it behaved prio to the update.

The working version was:


so it seems to be a minor (?) update.


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