rspamd / imapsieve script is not executed/called

Michael Ludwig frozenyoghurt2010 at
Wed Nov 28 00:10:24 EET 2018

Is there a trick to get the sieve trace working?
I tried the following, but nothing gets logged.

  sieve_user_log = /var/log/dovecot-sievetrace/user.log
  sieve_trace_dir = /var/log/dovecot-sievetrace/
  sieve_trace_level = matching
  sieve_trace_debug = yes
  sieve_trace_addresses = yes

I also tried "matching" instead of only matching because that is what I can
see in the documentation for pigeonhole sieve. (
But nothing seems to get more info out of dovecot, imapsieve, sieve,
pigeonhole thing.
The directory /var/log/dovecot-sievetrace/ is 777 dovecot:dovecot. It
should be possible for dovecot to log in that directory I think.

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