Relocate subfolders to different mount point

Marc Roos M.Roos at
Thu Nov 29 19:09:22 EET 2018

I would like to relocate the subfolders of the Sent folder to a 
different location. Now send messages mail is stored in mbox format at 
the location /home/users/testuser/mail/.Sent. 
I would like to store the subfolders Sent/2017 and Sent/2018 at the 
location /home/archive/users/testuser/.Sent.2017 and 

Is this even possible?

I am using currently using this mail_location:
mail_location = 

/var/dovecot is on a ssd
/var/spool/mail is on sda
~/mail is on sdb with these folders

[@mail]# ls -ac1

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