DMARC policies

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Fri Nov 30 13:55:06 EET 2018

> On 30 November 2018 at 13:46 Keith Edmunds <kae at> wrote:
> At the risk of being AOLish, me too. Unsubbed from Mailman, but still
> receiving mails.
> Where do I go to stop them (and why have they suddenly started arriving)?
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> "Never, never, never give up" - Winston Churchill

I am bit uncertain if you have actually unsubscribed or just disabled delivery (these are two different things).

If people are experiencing problem unsubscribing, you can also send
mail to 

dovecot-unsubscribe at

with 'UNSUBSCRIBE' as subject.

Just a note that we have not forcefully subscribed anyone to the list.


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