Request: Pigeonhole - strip CWFS from message-id logs

Lee Maguire lee at
Fri Nov 30 15:06:11 EET 2018

Normally for a log line containing the contents of a Message-Id, it is logged like the following

  Nov 29 11:41:27 xxx dovecot[211]: lmtp(lee)<30167><XXXXX>: sieve: msgid=<xxxx at>: stored mail into mailbox 'Notifications'

However, if there is CFWS other than a space, it changes the format of the log line (potentially making the logs harder to process - eg via “logcheck" rules)

  Nov 29 11:50:09 xxx dovecot[401]: lmtp(lee)<55724><XXXXX>: sieve: msgid=? <xxxx at>: stored mail into mailbox ‘Notifications'

A message-id line broken up is valid per RFC 5322 and header whitespace shouldn’t be significant for logging purposes

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