How to unsubscribe

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Fri Nov 30 16:43:22 EET 2018

> On 30 November 2018 at 15:41 Keith Edmunds <kae at> wrote:
> > b) go to https:// and click
> > unsubscribe, don't change your delivery options to notmail.
> That's not at all clear (quite apart from the double protocol prefix). A
> lot of the potential audience of this list "know" how Mailman works, so
> why have you broken that knowledge by delivering to those who have
> disabled mail delivery?

This is my final reply to this subject, as it's getting way beyond it's usefulness.

Reason this happened was due to almost everyone on the list being disabled by mailman due to some senders having DMARC policy that requires mails to be discarded if validation fails.

The validation failure caused bounces, and mailman dutifully disabled these people after sufficient number of bounces received.

Hopefully mailman now handles this better in the future.

Also it appears that people do not have knowledge of how mailman works, since there were quite many 'unsubscribe' attemps on the mailing list, and questions on why they are receiving emails in the first place.

I am very sorry that I had to enable the delivery for people who had intentionally disabled delivery, but I didn't want to spend days figuring out the best possible way to fix the situation and in the end it's not a horrible bother to disable yourself again instead of spending hours debating this issue. These things happen sometimes, unfortunately.


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