system wakeup caused by write operations to /var/lib/dovecot/instances

Tijl dovecot at
Thu Feb 7 18:10:04 EET 2019

Hi Timo, 

Thank you very much for replying with an instant solution!

Suggestion for future release: a setting in the configuration to
enable/disable the automatic instance_update_now action and/or set the
timeout by the user.

In the meanwhile I can use the recompiled version with this code change.
Problem solved for me. 


Timo Sirainen schreef op 2019-02-07 15:59:

> On 2 Feb 2019, at 6.44, Tijl <dovecot at> wrote:
>> How can dovecot be run without writing to /var/lib/dovecot/instances everyday? Is there a configuration setting for this?
> You'd need to patch src/master/main.c instance_update_now() to remove: 
> to_instance = timeout_add((3600 * 12 + i_rand_limit(60 * 30)) * 1000, 
> instance_update_now, list); 
> I'm not quite sure why I wrote such code to update it continuously.
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