offtopic: rant about thoughtless enabling DMARC checks

Ralph Seichter m16+dovecot at
Sat Feb 9 23:38:03 EET 2019

* Juri Haberland via dovecot:

> Blindly enabling DMARC checks without thinking about the consequences
> for themselves should not be the problem of other well behaving
> participants.

Can you judge if DMARC is enabled "blindly"? No, I thought not. Also,
the issue was not on the receiving end, but the reject policy for the
originating domain.

Personally, I choose to treat "reject" as if it was "quarantine",
i.e. affected mail is rerouted to a specific folder.

> And Aki, please go back to "munge only if needed" - munging all
> messages leads to a really bad "user experience".

Only speak for yourself please.


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