APPEND Error in dovecot.log

Alessandro Battaglini zioaleks at
Tue Feb 12 12:31:27 EET 2019


dovecot --version => 2.2.22 (fe789d2)

Sometimes imap client send email correctly but there's is any message
stored in sent mail folder
in that scenario I have found an error in my dovecot.log :
2019-02-11 09:04:52 imap(----- at ------------): Info: Disconnected in APPEND
(1 msgs, 125 secs, 2818048/4426899 bytes) in=3365352 out=1522206

what about this?
Is there, in dovecot configuration, a parameter that insist to any kind of
APPEND like value.?  I have not find that.
Have you any idea to solve this?

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