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On 2/12/19 1:57 PM, Aki Tuomi wrote:
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>> Dovecot keeps the quota current, although dict quota has been known 
>> to be bit bad at this.
>>> We nowadays recommend using count quota instead and use quota_clone 
>>> to copy the quota state to database. It is more accurate.
>> And how is this recommendation implemented?
>> All I have are my old notes and what google is finding for me...
>> Please give me some pointers.
>> thanks
> and the recommendation is under

I have been spending effort today reading up on this and searching on a 
couple questions.

For my additions to 20-imap.conf I have:

imap_client_workarounds = delay-newmail
protocol imap {
     mail_plugins = quota imap_quota trash

I see that the mail_plugin quota is moved to 10-mail.conf.  No biggie 
there.  But what about trash?

And I tried to find documentation on imap_client_workarounds and all I 
have found is in:

"Check imap_client_workarounds and pop3_client_workarounds and see if 
you want to enable more of them than the defaults. ?

With no link about where to learn more.

Where does quota count go?  Just dovecot.conf or one of the numbered 
conf addtions?

Also is there a way to compute the count for all users?  I am migrating 
the maildir and rebuilding the sql database.  I see:

doveadm mailbox status -u user at domain vsize '*'

But do I do that for each user in each domain or is that '*' there to 
run it on all users?

I think this will get me started.

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