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Marc Roos M.Roos at
Wed Feb 13 12:07:20 EET 2019

I have made something for archiving that you can supply with an array of 
mail folders and it wil move messages of a specific year to a folder 
ARCHIVE/YEAR. If you only have 180GB I would not make subdivision in 
months. Just put everything in a year folder sent and and received 
Also use doveadm in your script, that wil work on any type of storage 
and you do not want to risk loosing email, because someone is not 
'coding' properly.

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Hi to all
We have a maildir with about 180GB of emails.
We have to archive them to a structure like: .Archive.YYY./MM.folder

Are you aware of a script doing this ? I've found a perl script that 
doesn't spit in year and month and a very, very, very, very, very old 
python script that:
1) doesn't manage base64 encoded subject properly
2) doesn't work with python 3.x (that is able to manage base64 encoded 
subject properly

Any idea ?

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