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Wed Feb 13 12:23:21 EET 2019

> On 13 Feb 2019, at 11.22, Gandalf Corvotempesta via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> Hi to all
> We have a maildir with about 180GB of emails.
> We have to archive them to a structure like: .Archive.YYY./MM.folder
> Are you aware of a script doing this ? I've found a perl script that
> doesn't spit in year and month and a very, very, very, very, very old
> python script that:
> 1) doesn't manage base64 encoded subject properly
> 2) doesn't work with python 3.x (that is able to manage base64 encoded
> subject properly
> Any idea ?

Maybe just simple scripting and doveadm move? There is even example at the bottom of the wikipage: <>

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