Maintaining table quota2

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Feb 14 02:03:42 EET 2019

On 2/13/19 6:51 PM, Benny Pedersen via dovecot wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz via dovecot skrev den 2019-02-14 00:22:
>> Am I 'getting it'?
> 15- is loaded before 20-
> check dovecot -n always gives wanted results
Yes, that I see.  But local.conf is loaded after 15- and 20-.  If any of 
these have a mail-plugins line (All such lines are commented out in the 
default conf.d directory, though), would any 'global' setting of 
mail_plugins in local.conf be applied?

I am guessing not, as it would come too late in the conf processing.

Of course CURRENTLY, all mail_plugins lines in the conf.d directory ARE 
just comments.

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