Error configuring unix_listener stats-writer

Peter Nabbefeld peter.nabbefeld at
Sun Feb 17 11:47:29 EET 2019


I've got a very strange problem:
When I try to configure the stats-writer socket, I'm told the 
configuration is a duplicate, though none exists in the configuration 
files. So I'd guess the configuration is set either built-in or implicitly.

I've put the following into conf.d/10-master.conf:
service auth {
   unix_listener auth-userdb {

   unix_listener stats-writer {
     user = vmail
     group = vmail
     mode = 0666

BTW, using imap for mail traffic.

Is there any tool displaying an "effective" config tree (i.e., a tool 
displaying the resulting configuration from every file, displaying the 
original file and line number)? "dovecot -a" only displays all 
configurations, but without source reference, so it's impossible to find 
out about the details.  :-(

Kind regards


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