Virtual mailbox shows mails that are too old

Stefan Hagen dovecot at
Tue Feb 19 09:46:49 EET 2019


I'm using dovecot on my personal / private email server.
I have set up virtual mailboxes in my inbox namespace like this:

namespace inbox {
  inbox = yes
  prefix = "Virtual/"
  separator = /
  location = "virtual:~/.emails_virtual:LAYOUT=fs:INDEX=dovecot.virtual.index:LISTINDEX=dovecot.virtual.list.index"
  list = yes
  subscriptions = yes
  mailbox {
    auto = subscribe

I had quite some trouble with it at first with UIDs changing all the
time, but after adding INDEX and LISTINDEX it started to work just fine.

I've created dovecot_virtual files like this one:
$ cat ~/.emails_virtual/2-LastDay/dovecot-virtual
  all younger 86400

After stopping dovecot and deleting the index files and restarting
dovecot, the virtual mailbox shows all mail from the last day - as
expected. But after one day, it shows mail from two days. After three,
it shows mails from three days.

It looks like dovecot selects emails from the last day, but never cleans
out emails that are older, once they have been selected.

My full dovecot -n can be found here:

Any ideas about what could be wrong?

Best Regards,

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