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thanks for your reply.

Am 15.02.2019 um 17:34 schrieb Michael Slusarz via dovecot:
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>> Thanks for your reply, so iam not the only one. I think downgrading 
>> is not an option for me. Ubuntu 18.04 comes with openssl 1.1.0 and it 
>> seems that older versions like 2.2.22 not compile successful.
>> Best way for me would be a patch from Ubuntu-side, but without any 
>> errormessage or something its wasted time to file a bugreport.  
>> Though Ubuntu 18.04 should run for next 5 years.
> michael
Without statement of dovecot developers i dont like upgrading. I want to 
explain:  One should think that latest versions in 2.2 tree are almost 
bugfree and stable.  But this one is ugly. dovecot crashes its index 
without noticing by itself and hiding new mails. To be particular 
dovecot is not usable in a classic mbox setup with this versions.
Obviously this problem is unknown to developers, else i expected a short 
answer. So it is still thinkable that this problem still exists in 2.3 
versions. At this point it's frustrating and disappointing that this 
case is ignored by developers.  My first mail was 11 days ago.
Not every user is an early adopter with 2.3 versions/mdbox etc. the 
bigger the company the slower upgrades are deployed. We have several 
hundreds of affected servers with, we have several thousands 
servers with older versions without this problem, which should get 
updated next weeks/months.
For upgrading i need a version where this problem is fixed (we can 
package by ourselfes if needed). we dont need newest features, just a 
stable classic imapd. we cant use our customers as dummies and test 
different versions to see if a bug is fixed or may be other issues appear.
I hope there is an understanding for our situation.


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