sieve filter not working

Scott M. qmail at
Wed Feb 20 10:47:27 EET 2019

Why do you use regex ?

You can just use matches: (
On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 03:31 AM, subin ks via dovecot  wrote: I've Dovecot and dovecot-sieve v 2.2.27 installed on a Debian 9.6. I'm trying to set a Sieve filter which will redirect all emails from `info` (i.e. .info) TLD to another email. This is the filter:
require ["regex"];
# rule:[test]if header :regex "from" "info$"{ redirect "subbs at (mailto:subbs at";}

It's not being honored; all emails from .info TLD ends up in the inbox and none are redirected. Let me know what I'm doing wrong.
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