Removing a mailbox from a dovecot cluster

Francis francisd at
Fri Feb 22 22:06:23 EET 2019


How should I remove a mailbox from a dovecot cluster? I have two dovecot in
a cluster. I tried to remove one user's mailbox with theses commands I
found with a little google search:

doveadm flags add -u user at domain.tld "\\Deleted" ALL
doveadm expunge -u user at domain.tld mailbox "*" DELETED
doveadm purge -u user at domain.tld
rm -fr /var/vmail/domains/domain.tld/user

If I do theses commands in a script (so one command after one, very quick),
the data just keep coming back from the other server in the cluster (I
suppose this is what's happening).

If I do theses commands manually, so more slowly, the mailbox is created
again but empty this time. If I connect from an IMAP client, I see an empty
mailbox. Same thing if I connect an IMAP client to the second server from
the cluster. But I still see the data in the storage (mdbox) of the second
server (the "m.#" files are still there an they waste space on disks). I
tried to do a "doveadm purge" on the second server, but it did nothing
more, the data is still keep on the disks.

I'm running dovecot on ubuntu 18.04 on both servers.


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