Corrupted transaction log and redownloading

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Mon Feb 25 18:57:49 EET 2019

> On 25 February 2019 18:49 azurit--- via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> Hi,
> today we had to hard-reboot one of our dovecot proxy backends and  
> after boot up, lot's of accounts were showing this error and appeard  
> empty:
> Error: Corrupted transaction log file ...
> After deleting the indexes (not uid file, problem wasn't in deleting  
> indexes, i'm doing this often), e-mails showed up ok but e-mail  
> clinets started to download them again.
> Why this happened and how to prevent it (other than 'not  
> hard-rebooting')? I know that reboot could cause corruption of uid  
> files in some cases but this time it looks like this was caused by  
> corrupted indexes - how index corruption can cause redownloading and  
> why?
> Thanks for any info.
> azur

dovecot should fix corrupted transaction log file, but it usually requires another log in from the user, and sometimes

doveadm force-resync -u victim "*"

# or if you have INBOX/ namespace prefix
doveadm force-resync -u victim "INBOX/*"


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