Linking mailboxes

Yassine Chaouche a.chaouche at
Wed Feb 27 11:39:29 EET 2019

So did you get everything fixed up ?

 > doveadm(lightdm): Error: Can't open mailbox Storage/Email: 
stat(/run/media/computer/Storage/Email/tmp) failed: Permission denied 
(euid=976(lightdm) egid=976(lightdm) missing +x perm: 
/run/media/computer/Storage/Email, dir owned by 5000:5000 mode=0700)

Now it's another user that needs to access that directory (lightdm, 
euid=976). I would add lightdm to the vmail group and make the directory 
group readable and accessible, so chmod g+rx 
/run/media/computer/Storage/Email and any other folder it's complaining 


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