CASifying dovecot and webmail

Ángel L. Mateo amateo at
Wed Feb 27 12:11:50 EET 2019

El 17/2/19 a las 18:33, Juan Carlos Sánchez via dovecot escribió:
> Hello:
> I'm trying to authenticate webmail (roundcube) and dovecot with Apereo CAS.
> I don't find any good guide and everything I have found is some years 
> old. Has any of you done a recent integration with CAS and can share the 
> details ?
	I can't help you with rouncube part (because we use horde as webmail), 
but dovecot we have configured with pam_cas module.

	The idea is that horde pass a PGT as user password, and with PAM 
dovecot server checks it.

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