Removing a mailbox from a dovecot cluster

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> Hello Francis,
> I wonder if this is due to how a cluster is configured to function
> internally.
> Tell us more about the cluster, is it one of those ‘fancy pants’ high
> availability, auto backup heart beat things, or is it more a traditional
> multi server (master slave style) setup.
> Either way you may need to disconnect the servers from one another and
> delete the offending files / directories either via dove or or via the os
> (although reading your original email it sounds like you are already
> attempting this).
> If you have a fancy cluster this may actually be more difficult than it
> sounds and have interesting (unwanted) side effects, also the underlying
> database (if you are storing emails that way) may have a method to remove
> data
> I assume you are keeping back up copies of all those emails somewhere,
> just in case you need them in the future.
> See this wiki article to better understand what I mean by the ‘fancy
> pants’ clusters :
> They sound very cool, but I suspect are overkill for a mail server, unless
> your database is already inside one then it would make sense I guess.

I just use the cluster/replication functionality integrated into dovecot,
nothing more. There is no database involved. I use LDAP for the
authentication. The mails are stored locally on each server and replicated
with the replication feature of dovecot.

I followed this wiki article:


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