IMAP preauth and stats-writer

Mark Hills mark-dovecot at
Thu Jan 17 00:56:34 EET 2019

Hi, many thanks for the quick replies and patch. So quick that I'm not 
able to respond in the same timeframe.

Yes, I am working with FreeBSD pre-built packages; I still intend check 
out the ports from svn or do my own build, but have not had time yet.

To answer specific question:

On Sun, 6 Jan 2019, John Fawcett wrote:

> One suggestion is to run with the default setting, but look at resolving
> the permission problem for the default socket creation at
> /var/run/dovecot/stats-writer rather than working round it.

Potentially, though it's less logical that the daemon dovecot (which runs 
as a system user / priviledged) should not be accepting stats from an 
unpriviledged source.

Yes, one could seek to get stats for all dovecot activity on the server. 
Assuming clients are trusted to feed valid stats and not cause some 
horrible DoS or similar.

So I am heading for the opoosite where dovecot is really the 
self-contained 'imap' command without crossing any priviledge boundary; 
just a process consuing CPU and RAM resources like any other. To date I 
haven't used any of the dovecot stats (not dismissing them, just haven't 
had a cause to)

Thanks again


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