Variable expansion with variables containing '%' (ldap with 2.3.6)

Matthias Lay matthias.lay at
Mon Jul 1 12:33:53 EEST 2019


there seems to be a problem when expanding variables containing a
single '%' in value in dovecot V2.3.6

having a user defined Variable in user_attrs like

user_attrs = name=home=/maildir/%Ln,

and sAMAccountName conains a '%', in my example "sonder%zeichen"
 leads to:

lda(sonder%zeichen)<5723><ov9uCHjOGV1bFgAACDoIoQ>: Fatal: Failed to
expand plugin setting myvar = 'path/sonder%zeichen': Unknown
variable '%z'

same setup works with dovecot 2.2.29

Any Feedback appreciated.

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