Percent character in mail_crypt_private_password not possible

mabi mabi at
Tue Jul 2 19:14:59 EEST 2019


I am using the mail_crypt plugin with Dovecot 2.3 and have issues trying to use a mail crypt private password which contains a percent "%" character as you can see below:

$ doveadm -o plugin/mail_crypt_private_password=SomethingWith\%Percent mailbox cryptokey generate -u email at domain.tld -URf

doveadm(email at domain.tld): Error: Failed to expand plugin setting mail_crypt_private_password = 'SomethingWith%Percent': Unknown variable '%P'

Note here that the percent is escaped with a backslash "\%" in order for the shell not to process it.


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