Dovecot 2.3.0 TLS

Peter Kahl peter.kahl at
Sun Jul 7 10:55:03 EEST 2019

Hi Aki and all,

Thanks for the feedback.

I have removed the home-made root CA and the home-made server cert
signed by the root CA, replaced it with valid Let's Encrypt cert and all
works well.

Whilst the home-made certs have always worked well (years) with
Thunderbird clients and iOS 12.x, the new iOS 13.0 is now very picky
about the cert parameters. The Let's Encrypt cert is a good solution,
although I may eventually explore learning how to properly use OpenSSL
to generate home-made root CA and server certificates. Can anyone point
me to a good resource that has all the information for generating these

Kind regards,
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