Maciej Milaszewski IQ PL maciej.milaszewski at
Wed Jul 10 11:49:24 EEST 2019

I have set up SOLR in accordance with documentation and it runs well.
I use solr like:
fts = solr
fts_solr = debug url=http://IP:8983/solr/ (solr in external machine)

Is replication of this system really essential ?? Due to my tests,
rollback of the solr server on external machine lasts less than minute
and it is nearly non-visible from client side.

On the other hand solr replication is quite complicated process and
rollback or master-slave switch in this case is non-trivial task, that
may have result in whole dataset inconsistency.

Do you have any experience in such cases ? Maby load-balance in HAProxy
colud do the thing ? Something like:

server search1 check port 8983 inter 20s fastinter 2
server search2 backup

Best Regards

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