Error: o_stream_send_istream and Disconnected in APPEND

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Fri Jul 12 00:31:40 EEST 2019

On 11 Jul 2019, at 10.13, Alessio Cecchi via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running some Dovecot servers configured with LVS + Director + Backend + NFS and version (a7d78f5a2).
> In the last days I see an increased number of these error:
> Error: o_stream_send_istream(/nfs/mail/ failed: Broken pipe
> always with action "Disconnected in APPEND", when users try to upload a message in Sent or Drafts.

I think it simply means that Dovecot sees that the client disconnected while it was APPENDing the mail. Although I don't know why they would suddenly start now. And I especially don't understand why the error is "Broken pipe". Dovecot uses it internally when it closes input streams, so it's possibly that, but why would isn't that happening elsewhere then.. Did you upgrade your kernel recently? I guess it's also possible that there is some bug in Dovecot, but I don't remember any changes related to this for a long time.

I guess it could actually be writing as well, because "Broken pipe" is set also for closed output streams, so maybe some failed NFS write could cause it (although it really should have logged a different error in that case, so if that was the reason this is a bug).

Dovecot v2.3.x would log a different error depending on if the problem was reading or writing, which would make this clearer.

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