dovecot 2.3.6 on FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE inside a JAIL does not see dovecot/replication-notify-fifo

Lars Schotte lars at
Fri Jul 12 15:04:53 EEST 2019


I see

dovecot[47939]: imap(gustik at<48079><XVTMe3qNFpQqAchEJAsZAoGuBtbxcZmK>:
Error: open(/var/run/dovecot/replication-notify-fifo) failed:
No such file or directory

even though, right after:

Jul 12 13:54:41 madarka dovecot[47939]: aggregator:
Error: Client sent invalid input

when I send

echo 1 > /var/run/dovecot/replication-notify-fifo

and yes, of course

prw-rw-rw-  1 dovecot  vmail     0B Jul 12 13:57


FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE r342152 GENERIC  amd64

Dovecot running inside a jail with a version of 2.3.6 just recently
compiled from ports!

I ve allowed raw sockets and sysvipc for this jail but it did not help.
Also making explicit imap mail plugins notify and replicator did not

Any ideas?

 Lars Schotte
 Mudroňova 13
92101 Piešťany
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