[bug] success field never emited in auth_request_finished event

Jean-Daniel Dupas jddupas at xooloo.com
Fri Jul 12 16:31:05 EEST 2019


I'm playing with the new events, and encounter some issues:

First the 'auth_request_finished' event is documented as having a 'successful' field, but in the code, the field is defined as 'success' (e->add_str("success", "yes")).

But more important, in the function "auth_request_success_continue()" (auth/auth-request.c:288), "auth_request_log_finished(request)"  is call (line 303) before updating the request status: "request->successful = TRUE" (line 312)

So the log function never set the success field to "yes" as at this point request->successful is still false.


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