Dovecot release v2.3.7

Michael Grimm trashcan at
Sat Jul 13 00:06:08 EEST 2019

Michael Grimm via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> Timo Sirainen via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:

>> This likely fixes it anyway:
>> diff --git a/src/lib/ostream-file.c b/src/lib/ostream-file.c

> I do not compile from source, I'm using FreeBSD's ports. Thus I tried to put this patch at the desired location to become used whilst compiling dovecot. But this patch fails to become applied, most probably due to incorrect whitespaces. As I do not have access to the dovecot's source tree, I do not have a clue who the ASCII version of the patch is. Thus, could you mail it to my as an attachment?

Never mind, Larry has applied your patch to FreeBSD's port system in the meantime, and yes, it does silence those error messages.

But, replication still doesn't works as known from previous versions. I will give it a try over night, but I am seeing …

| Queued 'full resync' requests 1

… after 1 minute, already.


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