Auto-duplicate mailstore?

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Sat Jul 13 01:27:23 EEST 2019

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> I am looking for something that is similar to replication, but without a second server. I currently have a system setup using postfix bcc to write out copies of all email, but what I would rather do is just have all the mail written to /usr/local/virtual/%u/Maildir and also to /backup/usr/local/virtual/%u/Maildir (for example) as this will make restoring messages much simpler.

Note: doveadm backup is not a solution because it replicates the current state of the mailstore, what I need is a separate backup that is not altered by user’s screwing things up or accidentally deleting mail.

Certainly, a way to expire older mails from the backup would be great, but the crucial “feature” is that the backup doesn’t delete any mails based on user action.

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