Applying Dovecot for a large / deep folder-hierarchy archive - BUG REPORTS!

Arnold Opio Oree arnoldoree at
Sat Jul 13 13:15:10 EEST 2019

Sure Adam, this makes perfect sense.

And having properly reviewed the "debian-release" mailing list
description, I can see that this is made quite clear:

> Coordinating Debian releases
> Coordination of Debian releases issues such as testing migrations,
> transitions and removals. This list should not be considered a
> discussion list; discussions related to releases issues should be
> held on more appropriate lists such as debian-devel, debian-legal or
> debian-project.

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On Wed, 2019-07-10 at 12:26 +0100, Arnold Opio Oree wrote:
> Understood Adam,
> My thinking is that this is a package released with Debian 10. And so
> has everything to do with the release.

For clarity here - debian-release is neither a support forum nor a
discussion list, nor a means of reporting issues in software contained
within a Debian release. Debian has support fora and a bug tracking
system to handle such reports and issues, as per

/support . Having a single list that discusses any issue in any piece
of software shipped by Debian cannot possibly scale.

Rather, this list is the contact point and team alias for the Release
Team, who oversee and manage the release process. It is up to
individual package maintainers to triage and deal with issues reported
against their packages and then to liaise with us if required.




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