Unexpected result from LIST EXTENDED command

Timo Sirainen timo at sirainen.com
Tue Jul 16 10:58:45 EEST 2019

On 16 Jul 2019, at 9.51, Emil Kalchev via dovecot <dovecot at dovecot.org> wrote:
> I am executing this command below to dovecot-2.3.5-6.cp1178.x86_64 server
> Notice that some status responses are missing (For folders INBOX.Archive, INBOX.spam.&-BD0EOQQ9BDkEPQ-). I wonder If this is a bug or working as expected
> In rfc5819 there is this:
> If the server runs into unexpected problems while trying to look up
> the STATUS information, it MAY drop the corresponding STATUS reply.
> In such a situation, the LIST command would still return a tagged OK
> reply.
> May be that is the reason for this response? Is it possible to find more details in server logs why STATUS is missing?

Do you see any errors logged? Does it work if you ask with STATUS command directly those folders? What's your doveconf -n?

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