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marvin alcantara marvs_alcantara at
Fri Jul 19 02:32:11 EEST 2019


I am getting a panic alert when sending an email in my box.  Below is the backtrace:
/usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b5543de] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b5544be] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b4e577c] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b827c82] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b84029a] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b8b2e88] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b8a78a1] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90a0ac3d3] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b8a4f8f] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b8afe9b] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b8b0724] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b89103f] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b830cb8] -> dovecot/imap(+0x27111) [0x564ec6db6111] -> dovecot/imap(imap_sync_more+0x10d) [0x564ec6db6ccd] -> dovecot/imap(+0x28356) [0x564ec6db7356] -> dovecot/imap(cmd_sync_delayed+0x1f4) [0x564ec6db7814] -> dovecot/imap(client_handle_input+0x218) [0x564ec6daa968] -> dovecot/imap(client_input+0x85) [0x564ec6daae05] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b569cd2] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b56b3bf] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b569d6c] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b569f28] -> /usr/lib64/dovecot/ [0x7fa90b4effa3] -> dovecot/imap(main+0x333) [0x564ec6d9d2e3] -> /lib64/ [0x7fa90b10a445] -> dovecot/imap(+0xe476) [0x564ec6d9d476]

Dovecot version:
I would like to ask help on what is happening here. I found in the code that the trigger is in plugins/virtual/virtual-sync.c virtual_sync() call. When does this actually being called? 
Thank you very much!
Regards,Marvin Alcantara
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