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>> > I have a strange question. I bought the Dovecot Book off Amazon. I
>> > can easily prove it with a picture and/or my receipt off Amazon. I
>> > still have it o my library but I don’t like to travel around with
>> > it. Is there a way for me to get a PDF copy? I just checked Amazon
>> > and there is still no PDF version available there.  
>> Tedious, but scan the book. I have done this with my iPhone and it
>> resulted in a very good copy that was fully OCRed 
>I will double check, but there is software in OpenBSD (Linux too), that
>can quickly change ebook to pdf. No hassle and you can boot OpenBSD off
>of a usb stick.
>Chris Bennett

There are several on-line converters available. This is one:

There are also numerous programs available; however, they are all
Windows based as far as I can tell.


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