Help with IMAP IDLE

Sami Ketola sami.ketola at
Mon Jul 22 13:30:00 EEST 2019

> On 22 Jul 2019, at 12.45, Jorge Bastos via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> On Jul 21, 2019, at 11:50, Jorge Bastos via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
>> SSL/TLS is done via Stunnel
>> Dirst, others have asked but I haven’t seen an answer, do you have any reason to think Outlook supports IMAP idle at all? I mean, I know > doesn’t support it, so maybe it just doesn’t work?
>> Secondly, assuming Outlook does support IMAP idle, if you setup Dovecot to use SSL and not stunnel do things work?
> Yes, it works with other IMAP servers, why should not work with dovecot?
> It was working with DBMail, and it's working with an account from my Telco that used cirus-imap.

Have you verified (with rawlogs or tcpdump) that outlook even attempts IDLE?
Is your dovecot advertising IDLE support in CAPABILITY? 


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