corrupt mdbox index / zero mails showing in imap

Mike mike+lists at
Thu Jul 25 20:55:40 EEST 2019


I have recently migrated (under emergency conditions) a dovecot imap/pop
based server to a new instance. The mailboxes used mdbox format and due
to various screwups I had corrupt indexes. I thought I'd cleaned this up
but then I found that this new instance hadn't been set up correctly for
nfs. Long story short, I still get users with new cases of corrupt
indexes. The symptom is imap either showing NO mail in their inbox, or,
not showing any recently delivered mail in the box, until I rm -f / doveadm force-resync -u user.

It would be a huge help if there could be some method to detect if this
is the case for any given user and to proactively do the force-resync
process for them instead of waiting for that support call (or service
cancellation...). I have looked around and have not found any tool
capable of 'linting' an mdbox format inbox, and it seems like something
like this should have been or would be an extremely useful debugging
tool both during development as well as to troubleshoot stuff in the
field. I would love to know if anyone either has such a tool, or any
general suggestion how I could go about finding these cases and
addressing them. I believe I have the nfs issue resolved and will not be
creating new cases, so I just want to fix the ~3000 boxes I have now and
move forward.

Thank you.


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