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Sat Jul 27 19:00:59 EEST 2019

I have a rule in sieve like the following:

if anyof (header :contains ["to"] [ "box", "change", "cornell”, “twitter”]) {
   setflag "\\Seen";
   fileinto :create "misc";

The messages that come in are using address extensions, so user+twitter at, for example.

The trouble is, this sieve recipe doesn’t get triggered and the message gets filed into the extension folder “twitter” or “cornell” instead of “misc”.

I have a very similar recipe following that one:

if header :contains "to" "root" {
   setflag "\\Seen";
   addflag "$label5"; 
   fileinto :create "root";

And that one works as I expect.

Is that multiple match format valid for :contains (I’ve only seen it used for :regex)? I don’t get an error.

Is there a way to run a debug log for the sieve recipe? Preferably for a single user.

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