Dovecot Director upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3

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Wed Jul 31 15:41:59 EEST 2019

Hi Timo,

here you can see two images with the load average and CPU usage with 
Dovecot 2.2 (Centos 6) and 2.3 (Centos 7) on the same hardware and same 

Load average increment is relevant but CPU usage is similar.

Il 22/07/19 18:49, Timo Sirainen ha scritto:

> On 22 Jul 2019, at 17.45, Alessio Cecchi <alessio at 
> <mailto:alessio at>> wrote:
>> one server of the ring is now running Dovecot 2.3.7 and works fine 
>> with the others Dovecot 2.2 since 3 days.
>> I notice only that the load avarage of this CentOS 7 server is higher 
>> compared with CentOS 6 and Dovecot 2.2, but I don't know if is 
>> related to the new operating system or Dovecot (hardware is the same).
> How much higher? Can you check the individual dovecot processes' CPU 
> usage? I guess mainly director, imap-login and pop3-login. The 
> director code should be pretty much the same though.
> The SSL code in login processes changed in v2.3, so I wonder if the 
> new code has some performance issues.
Alessio Cecchi
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