Migrating from qmail server, invalid option "o" in dsync

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Sat Aug 1 04:28:33 EEST 2020

Justin> I'll give this a shot. Any solution that doesn't maintain at
Justin> least the current client-side status of emails (ie, requires
Justin> redownload, or new account on client) is a complete
Justin> nonstarter, though. 

Hmm... I'm weak on POP, but I suspect you're out of luck unless  you
move your clients to IMAP.  It will involve an initial download of
messages, but once that's done, you should be able to clone between
dovecot instances without the clients noticing.

But I think you're coming from another POP server?  I don't have the
original email any more.

Justin> On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 3:51 PM John Stoffel <john at stoffel.org> wrote:

Justin> Maybe I'm misunderstanding - all of our clients use pop3
Justin> (thunderbird and eudora). Do pop3 and imap overlap somehow, or
Justin> does the server use IMAP internally regardless of the client
Justin> protocol settings?
Justin>     No, IMAP and POP are just the transport mechanisms.  But POP is old
Justin>     and doesn't keep state well.  If you can, upgrade all your clients to
Justin>     IMAP, thunderbird will be easy to do so, and I suspect Eudora will be
Justin>     as well, but I haven't touched it in years.
Justin>     why don't you just setup a test IMAP account and try a client?

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