How to access mailbox metadata in Lua push driver

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> On 03/08/2020 22:58 Ralf Becker <rb at> wrote:
> Some answers to my questions, a first version of my script and more questions ;)
> Am 03.08.20 um 18:15 schrieb Ralf Becker:
> > Currently looking into the following questions:
> > 
> > 
> > - can I get the rfc 5423 type of event somehow (obviously I can set it on the event myself depending of the function called)
> > - looking at the example code, it looks like it can be called for multiple messages, when does that happen (LMTP send more then one)
> > 
> still no idea, maybe Ake?
> I noticed that some events have the same uid-validity, are the from a single transaction, eg. I delete my Trash?

Because these events also apply for more than just LMTP. You could be storing bunch of mails with IMAP APPEND.

> > - why is the mailbox status put into an other structure and send with a different notifiction

The LUA code very faitfully implements the C API for push notifications in Dovecot.

> > - does anyone have a code snippet to send a JSON encoded message (probably easy to figure out looking at Lua docu)
> these two I managed to solve im my current version of the script, which also support now all message event types:


> This leads to a couple more questions ;)
> - is there a way (eg. return value) to stop event processing already in dovecot_lua_notify_begin_txn

There is no really good way to do this. You can error out in begin_txn, but that will emit error.

The only doable way, right now, is to maybe add key {disabled=True} to your context, and then add 

if ctx.disabled:


> - sometimes multiple events are generated, eg. when I read an email:
> {"event":"FlagsClear","flags":[],"folder":"INBOX/eGroupWare/calconnect","imap-uid":2275,"imap-uidvalidity":1499767470,"keywords-old":[],"user":"user=5::42;***"}
>  {"event":"FlagsSet","flags":["\\Seen"],"folder":"INBOX/eGroupWare/calconnect","imap-uid":2275,"imap-uidvalidity":1499767470,"user":"user=5::42;***"}
>  {"event":"MessageRead","folder":"INBOX/eGroupWare/calconnect","imap-uid":2275,"imap-uidvalidity":1499767470,"unseen":0,"user":"user=5::42;***"}

This is what happens when you read unseen mail.

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