Can't move/delete folder "Renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions"

Tristan Miller psychonaut at
Wed Aug 12 23:06:22 EEST 2020

Dear Johannes,

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 09:04:17 +0100, Johannes Rohr
<johannes at> wrote:
> several users have reported that they were unable to move/delete
> folders using Thunderbird and they got the message "Renaming not
> supported across conflicting directory permissions". When I google for
> this message, I see hints like "your mail may not be all on the same
> volume", but here this is definitely not the case. All mail is in
> /var/mail/virtual and owned by mail:mail
> Curiously, when I tried the same operation in Roundcube, there was no
> error reported, so something about the combination of Thunderbird and
> Dovecot seems to be causing the error. 
> Does anyone have advise on how I should go about tracking down the
> cause of the error?

I am also experiencing this problem.  It's only Thunderbird that has
problems renaming or deleting (certain) folders; other mail clients
handle these operations just fine.  I filed a bug against Thunderbird
for this back in April but haven't yet had any response:


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