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Sat Aug 15 10:58:45 EEST 2020

On 14 Aug 2020, at 15:29, Bruno Kiste <bruno.kiste at> wrote:
> Can I make it ignore the hostname part or accept the user "bruno" as
> "bruno at"?
> Can I change the lookup in dovecot or do I have to edit the postfix
> configuration?

It seems to me that the proper way to do this is to have postfix give Dovecot the right information.

Both Dovecot and postfix should be looking at the same lookup.

connect = host=localhost dbname=postfix user=dovecot password=password


user = postfix
password = password
hosts = localhost
dbname = postfix

If they are accessing the same database, then there's no problem,. Postfix and Dovecot will always agree on the user name.

Of course, if you have LOCAL users, then that adds complications. I did this for years and finally moved all the local users into virtual as it is much simpler to keep track of. I resisted doing this for a long time because I'd started with local users only, but there are many issues with this when you have multiple domains. Using virtual via a database is much better.

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