generating secure ARGON2ID passwords

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Sun Aug 16 12:27:26 EEST 2020

> On 16/08/2020 09:38 Felix Zielcke <fzielcke at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using dovecot on a Debian buster system.
> with Argon2ID password scheme, it's only possible to configure the
> parameters used for it via the generic -r option to "doveadm pw".
> A higher -r will increase time and memory comsumption.
> But on my dual core VM it always uses p=1.
> So it seems the needed threads can only be changed on compile time?
> Will there be in future a way to explicitly specify memory, time and
> threads needed for Argon2ID?

Dovecot allows you to use externally generated ARGON2ID hashes too if you want, just make sure you prefix them. 

There is no currently plans to introduce further tunings for argon2.


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