Marc Roos M.Roos at f1-outsourcing.eu
Wed Aug 19 16:59:59 EEST 2020


FYI, I am building on alpine 3.10 and 3.11 I am getting this build[1] 
error. I think these header files of dovecot are not correct. Or are 

I changed line 35 in /usr/include/dovecot/str.h
 str_append_max(str, cstr, max_len);
 str_append_max(str, (const char *)cstr, max_len);

/usr/include/dovecot/str.h: In function 'void str_append_n(string_t*, 
const void*, size_t)':
/usr/include/dovecot/str.h:35:22: error: invalid conversion from 'const 
void*' to 'const char*' [-fpermissive]
   35 |  str_append_max(str, cstr, max_len);
      |                      ^~~~
      |                      |
      |                      const void*
/usr/include/dovecot/str.h:31:48: note:   initializing argument 2 of 
'void str_append_max(string_t*, const char*, size_t)'
   31 | void str_append_max(string_t *str, const char *cstr, size_t 
      |                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~

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