dovecot-SASL for Postfix: EXTERNAL does not work.

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at
Fri Aug 21 02:17:51 EEST 2020

Hello and good evening.

Sorry for responding so late, it is midsummer and i spend as much
time as possible on the outside (bicycle, mostly).  (Just one more
day, then 10 degrees colder!!)

I Cc: Wietse Venema, because i quote a message of him.
(this is "set quote-add-cc" here.)

Aki Tuomi wrote in
 <84881193.5398.1597934431687 at>:

The dovecot mail archive removed your HTML message :)
(And given code like

    I am not subscribed and new here, so first of all i want to thank
    you for dovecot. I personally do not use it in "production"

it was right in doing so :-)

 ||On 20/08/2020 17:28 Steffen Nurpmeso <[1]steffen at[/1]> wrote: 
 ||What is really terrible with the current situation is that postfix 
 ||announces the EXTERNAL, with Wietse Venema saying 

It seems he has read the dovecot documentation again in the
meantime, different to me :(, so i have to apologise for saying

 |[1], and it turned out that postfix seems incapable to do
 |something about it, because the dovecot auth protocol does not
 |offer the possibility to specify a valid-user-certificate-seen
 |flag as well as pass the username from the certificate. (Or even
 |pass the entire certificate as a base64 string, less postfix CA,
 |.. or whatever.)

because Wietse Venema now says

  Wietse Venema wrote in
   <4BXSTk189nzJrP3 at>:
   |Steffen Nurpmeso:
   |> until SASL says it is done?!.  How could EXTERNAL ever work like
   |> that in a client/server->auth-server situation?
   |There's a chicken and egg question in there somewhere.
   | mentions
   |two attributes that might be relevant, and that Postfix can send:
   |    Remote user has secured transport to auth client] (eg. localhost, \
   |    SSL, TLS)
   |    Remote user has presented a valid SSL certificate.
   |But these are booleans. What protocol attribute would Postfix use
   |to pass certificate name information (and which name, as there
   |can be any number of them)?
   | Wietse
   | Wietse
   --End of <4BXSTk189nzJrP3 at>

I think i will spend some time tomorrow and try to do some
coding with postfix.  Let's see wether the immediate response of
EXTERNAL can work with dovecot's SASL, even in conjunction with
auth_ssl_username_from_cert=yes that is!
Otherwise i think what he says here.

 |You could try out dovecot submission service. It should work better \
 |with EXTERNAL.

For the internal test network this may really be an option.  But
for my web vm: ach, i am not an administrator, it is pain to get
used to all that.  In real life i use the DMA here, and external
mail goes via my MUA through ssh only:

  set mta=/usr/bin/ssh
  set mta-arguments='steffen at /usr/sbin/sendmail -t'
  set mta-argv0=ssh

That sendmail is postfix, then.  And there is such a tremendous
amount of noise in the logs of postfix and the lighttpd web server
that are available easily from the network, it is terrible.  Even
with very rigid firewall rules, and things like postfix's error
limits, junk command limit, record deadlines, timeouts, active
sleeping in restrictions ...  And for now i would not even know
whether dovecot has equivalents, nor how to apply this
correctly.  These are all very capable and highly configurable
applications.  dovecot for example, i track the source for
a couple of years, comes with
 568 files changed, 26488 insertions(+), 6969 deletions(-)
for my last update (v2.3.10.1 to v2.3.11.3).  This is a lot.

Thank you.
And Ciao! and good night from Germany,

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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