zlib errors after upgrading

Robert Nowotny rnowotny at rotek.at
Tue Aug 25 14:35:33 EEST 2020

I get ZLIB Errors after dovecot upgrade from to

Aug 21 15:27:34 lxc-imap dovecot: imap(acsida)<63870><jZk...>: Error: 
Mailbox Sent: UID=40826: 
read(zlib(/home/vmail/virtualmailboxes/acsida/storage/m.2409)) failed: 
read(/home/vmail/virtualmailboxes/acsida/storage/m.2409) failed: Broken 
pipe (FETCH BODY[])....

many of those entries....

after installing those files are still broken - but new files 
are working again.

anything I can tweak or do ?

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